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Welcome to www.BarbLockert.com

I am passionate about people, travelling, cooking and baking.

Why write a cookbook? Specifically, a baking cookbook?  Well, for one thing, friends have been asking me for years when my recipes would be available in a cookbook. I love to create recipes, adjusting ingredients to my preferences to enhance flavour, add texture and add nutrients. Secondly, sharing baking with friends and family gives me great joy. I love sending baked goods home with guests or delivering treats to neighbours and friends. Thirdly, teaching is in my blood, and I thrive on teaching others of any age or experience, tips and techniques to save time, save money and retain nutrition.

The introduction to my cookbook, Easy Baking in Barb’s Kitchen, contains historical notes on my life in a fun and easy to read format. Hopefully you will laugh while reading about how I acquired my sweet tooth. A short biography includes experiences as an invited guest on television and entrepreneur awards. My desire is to encourage and inspire you to bake often, developing your confidence, whether using a Bosch Kitchen Machine® and flour mill or when mixing manually in a large bowl. Handy tools and troubleshooting sections are at the back of the book along with a comprehensive index.

Easy Baking in Barb’s Kitchen contains seven categories of recipes: Breads, Cakes, Cookies, Desserts, Muffins, Pies and Christmas Treats. The recipes are easy to follow, nutritious, delicious and freeze well.

In my opinion, baking is relaxing and enjoyable. Having guests ask for seconds is reward enough for me to bake often. I consider kitchen tasks as ‘play rather than work’.

Do you like to bake or at least eat treats? Follow me for tips, stories and recipes. Please share with your friends and drop me an email at barb@barbsculinarytours.com and let me know what you have baked.

Be a hero with your friends and family, and perfect your baking, in time-saving ways. Enjoy Easy Baking in Barb’s Kitchen.