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Barb Lockert

Barb Lockert is passionate about people, travel, cooking, and baking!

Barb provided informative and entertaining cooking demonstrations as an invited guest on local and national television for over 30 years, and contributed food-related articles in several magazines and newspapers. In her successful business, Barb was recognized as a motivational speaker, mentor, teacher, and leader, and was honoured to be the recipient of numerous entrepreneur awards.

Her positive attitude, energy, enthusiasm, and vibrant personality are reflected in her love for teaching. After receiving her Education degree (BEd), Barb opened a teaching gourmet kitchen store and did hundreds of trade shows perfecting her delivery of easy cooking and baking. Barb has participated in cooking classes in many countries and challenges herself to create easy, tasty, healthy recipes. Sharing food and laughter, creating memories in her kitchen, especially with grandchildren, brings great joy. Barb considers this play rather than work.

Barb feels blessed for all her education, followers, and world experiences, and desires to give back with this collection to help everyone enjoy the baking experience. Barb and her husband call Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, home.