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Easy Baking in Barb's Kitchen

easy baking in barbs kitchen book by bar lockert

Do you want to take four decades of baking knowledge and turn yourself into a hero baker? Easy Baking in Barb’s Kitchen will allow you to enjoy being a hero with your friends and family, perfecting your baking in time-saving ways! This will be your new baking cookbook—your everyday go-to.

Barb has taught classes for 33 years and is a natural at delivering easy-to-understand instructions. Everyone from novice to pro can understand and replicate the deliciousness of these baking recipes.

Barb has received many entrepreneurial awards over the decades, including her longstanding success in TV appearances, sharing her baking and cooking recipe delights, and she now wants to share these gems with you. You will be amazed at these time-tested baking methods. Use the tricks and tips for simplifying your life!

As you review the recipes, you’ll be excited to experience the ease of Barb’s teachings, so you too can be a pro. From the humble beginnings of starting a teaching gourmet kitchen store selling quality machines, gadgets, and foods, to promoting and teaching the healthy and fast cooking and baking approach, to designing and leading culinary tours of Europe. Barb has developed a vast experience of true kitchen techniques.

If you love good food and want healthy nutrients to help your body, and tastes to surprise and elevate your experience, then this is the book for you. You too can become a hero baker today, so enjoy your copy!

Publication Date

April 28, 2023





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